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What’s Included?
When you become a member of the chamber of commerce you open a door to many members-only benefits, both direct and indirect. To learn more about our different benefits check out the categories below!

Websites and E-News
As a member of the chamber, you get a complimentary listing in our online website directory. The listing includes you location, phone number, and a person of contact. It also features two organizational categories to make it easier for your business to be found among other listings.
The chamber sends out a weekly newsletter to all of its member. This newsletter features information for all the upcoming event for the chamber and its members as well as articles on different tips and tricks for your business.

Monthly Luncheon
The chamber hosts a membership luncheon on the first Tuesday of every month at the Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center. These luncheons serve as a way to connect members with one another outside of the workplace, and hear how the chamber is working for you. Luncheons are sponsored by a different member each month and feature a guest speaker.

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Networking and Events 
The chamber offers many events, in addition to the luncheon, that businesses can attend, host or sponsor.  These events allow you to network with fellow chamber members, members of neighboring chambers, and potential customers. We offer events before(Coffee Connect) and after (Thursday Night Lives) business hours so you can attend events that fit your schedule.

   Investment Levels

Civic or Charitable Organizations 

Civic or Charitable Organizations 

Realty Company

Realty Company

Educational Institution

Educational Institution


Independent Distributor 

Small Business

1-10 Employees
11-50 Employees
50+ Employees

Hotels, Motels, Apartments, Hospitals

1-50 Units
51-100 Units
101+ Units

Banks, Savings & Loans

($15 per Million in Assets)

Manufacturing Facility and Public Utility

1-50 Employees
51-100 Employees
101-250 Employees
251-500 Employees
501+ Employees

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